Branding a Legacy

 This April, the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation decided to do a rebrand in conjunction with its national expansion and partnership with Capture Marketing. Considering that creating new looks for brands is my passion, I was really excited to breathe new life into a legacy. After reviewing the current assets of the foundation, it was clear … More Branding a Legacy

Top 3 Reasons to Consider Working with a Small Company

When a person, organization or company is looking for representation, they are often faced with the decision of whether to go with the large company with a familiar name and logo or to sign on with a smaller company that is also successful, but may not be as recognized. Sometimes, smaller companies get overlooked in … More Top 3 Reasons to Consider Working with a Small Company

Fundraisers Different than Event Planners

  Athletes have a remarkable ability to make an impact both on and off the field. I love watching athletes use their platform to make a difference. Lately, however, I’ve read too many articles and have had several conversations with athletes regarding their foundations and their stories have been eerily similar…. They had a great … More Fundraisers Different than Event Planners