Finding the Right Sponsors – Why it Matters

Athletes involved in charitable causes have the potential to make a big impact. A popular route many athletes take to raise funds, whether or not they have their own foundation, is through fundraiser events. Sponsorships are important not only in creating a profitable fundraising event but also in maximizing a client’s brand and strategic partnerships. … More Finding the Right Sponsors – Why it Matters

Philanthropy: Connecting Athletes & Companies

  Athletes who connect their personal brands to a well-known philanthropic cause can increase their likelihood of endorsement opportunities. Companies are interested in partnering with athletes who are not only doing good within their communities but are also a direct reflection of their brands. Research shows that consumers, millennials in particular, show loyalty to brands … More Philanthropy: Connecting Athletes & Companies

Start Now or Miss Opportunities

In 2017, EPSN released the World Fame 100 ranking athletes based on their endorsements, social media following and internet search popularity. These athletes are influencers, not only because of their professional careers, but because they’ve developed personal brands. Well-developed personal brands can live on even after athletes hang up their cleats. But, unfortunately, many athletes … More Start Now or Miss Opportunities

Disaster Relief Versus Disaster Philanthropy

Now’s the time to focus on disaster philanthropy The natural disasters in 2017 are nearly unprecedented. There were floods caused by cyclones and monsoons in Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, a disastrous mudslide in Sierra Leone, two tragic earthquakes in Mexico, devastation in the U.S. due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the wildfires continuing to … More Disaster Relief Versus Disaster Philanthropy

Giving Tuesday: We All Can Make a Positive Impact

Today, Tuesday, November 28, is widely known as Giving Tuesday. The use of #givingtuesday on social media has had the power to raise millions of dollars online from people in 98 countries. People are also encouraged to do acts of kindness and give gifts of time, money and in-kind donations to people in need and … More Giving Tuesday: We All Can Make a Positive Impact

Branding a Legacy

 This April, the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation decided to do a rebrand in conjunction with its national expansion and partnership with Capture Marketing. Considering that creating new looks for brands is my passion, I was really excited to breathe new life into a legacy. After reviewing the current assets of the foundation, it was clear … More Branding a Legacy