Fundraisers Different than Event Planners

  Athletes have a remarkable ability to make an impact both on and off the field. I love watching athletes use their platform to make a difference. Lately, however, I’ve read too many articles and have had several conversations with athletes regarding their foundations and their stories have been eerily similar…. They had a great … More Fundraisers Different than Event Planners


As you are likely aware, April is National Volunteer Month. And this very week is National Volunteer Week! Our Capture Marketing Team happily acknowledges this time dedicated to honoring volunteers in our communities and to celebrate volunteerism, we wanted to share some of our team’s personal volunteer experiences and what volunteering means to us overall. My … More Volunteering

The Remarkable Growth of the JJ Watt Charity Classic

While what athletes do when playing their sport is certainly important, the impact they can have off the field is undeniable. Whether or not they choose to accept this responsibility, is a choice they must make, but we’ve seen first-hand that those who commit time to furthering important causes are clearly making the world a … More The Remarkable Growth of the JJ Watt Charity Classic

When An Event Doesn’t Go A Planned…And Turns Out Better Than You Could Have Imagined

Earlier this year, Capture Marketing partnered with Player Alumni Resources (P.A.R. 13) for their second annual Packers Alumni Charity Fishing Tournament and VIP Event to raise money for Stars and Stripes Honor Flight. The two-day event started with a VIP Reception where guests heard stories from WWII Veterans, Korean War Veterans, and Green Bay Packers … More When An Event Doesn’t Go A Planned…And Turns Out Better Than You Could Have Imagined

Brand Storytelling: What’s the Point?

All great brands have a story within themselves, often detailing perseverance by founders, surviving unsteady markets, philanthropic efforts or accounts of family members collaborating to successfully build businesses. But why is this important? What’s the point of telling the brand story and continuing to tell stories as part of marketing and branding campaigns? The point … More Brand Storytelling: What’s the Point?

Emblazon Your Company’s Heart on Its Sleeve

There’s a bad connotation to wearing one’s heart on their sleeve. We often think of it as a weakness or something that we should apologize for, but why exactly is that? Shouldn’t people be honest about how they feel? Isn’t the best communication straight-forward communication? Please raise your hand if you enjoy communication in a … More Emblazon Your Company’s Heart on Its Sleeve