3 Must-Have Sponsorship Benefits

Engaging in sponsorships can be a great way to gain exposure for your organization and increase brand awareness. It’s important when deciding to incorporate sponsorships into your overall marketing plan, that you carefully evaluate the sponsor benefits compared to associated costs. Also, be sure to take full advantage of all sponsor benefits too! Don’t get … More 3 Must-Have Sponsorship Benefits


As you are likely aware, April is National Volunteer Month. And this very week is National Volunteer Week! Our Capture Marketing Team happily acknowledges this time dedicated to honoring volunteers in our communities and to celebrate volunteerism, we wanted to share some of our team’s personal volunteer experiences and what volunteering means to us overall. My … More Volunteering

Top 5 In-Person Networking Benefits

Don’t like networking? Do it anyway. It’s easy enough for us to make excuses about why we don’t want to network… Common ones include: “I’m not interested in talking to complete strangers.” “Social media has taken the place of in-person networking.” “Networking requires too much time away from the office.” “It takes too long to … More Top 5 In-Person Networking Benefits

Brand Storytelling: What’s the Point?

All great brands have a story within themselves, often detailing perseverance by founders, surviving unsteady markets, philanthropic efforts or accounts of family members collaborating to successfully build businesses. But why is this important? What’s the point of telling the brand story and continuing to tell stories as part of marketing and branding campaigns? The point … More Brand Storytelling: What’s the Point?