Maximizing the Impact for Athletes and Their Causes


Anytime we work with athletes or coaches, maximizing the impact they can make for their causes is a key goal. When we work with athletes and their foundations, we know it is important to work in tandem with the marketing agent for five key reasons.  

  1. Knowing What’s Next. Agents often know what athletes’ current exclusives are along with potential categories they want to get into. Recognizing the difference between a company wanting an exclusive or foundation partnership helps us know if we should refer it to the marketing agent.  
  2. Thinking Long-Term. Once we make connections with companies, we can provide a summary to the agent for exclusive sponsors that are incorporated into the event or campaign. This sets the agent up to help athletes foster these relationships into future long-term deals. 
  3. Raising Their Profiles. Managing public relations for athletes’ philanthropic efforts raises their profile with fans and a potential new audience who shares a similar philanthropic passion. This helps athletes with endorsements down the road. We focus on boosting awareness for both athletes’ charities, as well as their own brands. 
  4. Increasing Profit.  Agents can utilize athletes’ charitable events as an opportunity to entertain current exclusives or potential sponsors for athletes, looking toward their clients’ futures in the industry. 
  5. Making Connections. Connecting the foundation component into the exclusives can be a huge benefit to the agent when seeking company partnerships. Companies like the ability to partner with athletes in multiple areas, leading to the added exposure with the foundation event or campaign and the write-off capability. 

In order to set athletes up for success and make the biggest impact, it is crucial for us to have a partnership with the marketing agent. These relationships are highly valuable! 



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