Life & Business Lessons Learned Through Sports

Header Mason and Rodgers-01
Photo credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Succeeding and growing is possible because of the people who surround you and make you better. Leaders recognize challenges and mistakes and work with individuals to overcome them as a team. Every day we see those who rise to the occasion and those who don’t, but it’s knowing how you play a role in their success that shows true leadership, whether in business or sports.

As I was watching the Packers vs. Lions game on Oct. 7, I was reminded what leadership, handling adversity and being part of a team is all about. After Mason Crosby missed several field goals, Aaron Rodgers approached him on the sideline, put his arm around his shoulder and chatted with him. Then, when Crosby made the last field goal of the game, the team’s support of him was evident. Post-game, Crosby clearly owned his mistakes, while Rodgers and Coach McCarthy reinforced their faith in him and his abilities. Teammates interviewed reiterated that they win and lose as a team and it is not about one person’s performance.

Each of us, and our vendors and partners, have had bad days when things do not go as planned. Instead of giving up or starting to argue, take ownership of your mistakes, learn from them and as a team make the necessary changes to ensure they don’t happen again. Be understanding of your team members or partners, as I guarantee no one feels worse than them and no one wants those mistakes repeated. How you and others on your team react and treat others defines you and them.



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