4 Steps to Creating a Memorable & Cost-Effective Fundraiser

Header-01Fundraising events are a great way to garner awareness, raise money, and create relationships for your organization, but many foundations don’t have a large budget at their disposal. We successfully minimize expenses overall, increasing the amount we are able to raise for foundations.

1. Do Research & Be Resourceful

We start by understanding what our clients’ overall goals are and the resources available to concept and plan an event that can save time and money. Once we establish the key elements the client needs, we determine the longevity of those ideas to help spread out the overall costs over time.

2. Be Creative & Be Flexible

For non-profits, a tight budget can often be difficult to work around. We help you think outside the box and see what alternatives are available to create a high-quality look at a cost-effective price. Don’t feel limited by a budget; there are always other options to consider. Many times, the final elements we end up using for clients are the result of many revisions until we are able to make them fit into the budget.

3. Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Growing positive relationships with vendors is absolutely key and helps our client’s bottom lines in the long-term. We work with vendors that are willing to provide discounted or donated products and services that can be used to your advantage based on what is needed for the event. In return, to foster that relationship, we create sponsorship packages that show clients’ appreciation and are specifically tailored to their goals, whether that be helping build their brand awareness or an opportunity for them to build a relationship with the community by showing a commitment to giving back. Partnerships are especially important in the long-run and not something to take for granted.

4. See the Bigger Picture

There are a lot of details that go into planning an event, and when working on a budget there’s limited time and resources to do so. To help manage the various moving parts, break it down into three sections – the beginning, middle and end. Focus on trying to create a ‘wow’ factor when they first walk in to set the tone, when their attention might start to wander and then to give them a final lasting impression.


Working on a budget, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality. In fact, it can help you raise more money to benefit people and communities. Are you wanting to put together a fundraising event but don’t know where to begin? Let us help get you started in the right direction!



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