Giving Back – Where to Start

givingback_wheretostart_ Header-01Athletes recognize the impact they can make by giving back. Often though, many athletes don’t know where or how to begin their charitable efforts. Capture Sports Marketing has helped athletes in understanding the different ways they can make a positive. Before jumping in, it’s important to know the options available.

1. Lend Your Name to an Organization

One way athletes can give back is by partnering with an organization or particular cause they are passionate about to help it further its mission. This can be as simple as an athlete lending his/her name to a benefit, being a keynote speaker at an event or sharing information regarding the organization on social media. Openly showing support toward a cause and connecting your name to it, not only benefits the organization but also helps establish your philanthropic platform.

We help athletes focus on their passions and connect them with reputable, charitable organizations.

2. Create a Donor Advised Fund or Fiscal Sponsorship

For those who want to utilize their platform to raise funds, a donor advised fund and fiscal sponsorship are simple and cost-effective options. They allow athletes to do so without establishing their own 501(c)(3), reducing the administrative, legal and fiscal responsibility.

Our team works with athletes to develop their vision, mission and programs along with creating their philanthropic brand. We connect athletes with the right partner(s) to start a fund, setting them up for success.

3. Establish Your Own 501(c)(3)

For athletes raising a significant amount of funds and providing programs or funding, establishing their own 501(c)(3) is an option. With the legal, administrative and accounting requirements we have partners that can assist with setting it up.

We can develop and execute marketing and fundraising strategies, setting athletes up to make a substantial impact once their foundation is set up properly.


Anyone can give back. Are you an athlete who is ready to make an impact but aren’t sure where to begin? Contact us. We know how it’s done and can get you started in the right direction!



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