Finding the Right Sponsors – Why it Matters

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Athletes involved in charitable causes have the potential to make a big impact. A popular route many athletes take to raise funds, whether or not they have their own foundation, is through fundraiser events. Sponsorships are important not only in creating a profitable fundraising event but also in maximizing a client’s brand and strategic partnerships.

When connecting with potential sponsors, it’s important to know your client’s brand and how you can work together.


Knowing what your client values is an important piece of connecting them with the right companies. Before moving forward on any aspect, know who you are working with so you can best cater to their needs.


Companies look to sponsor athletes who support causes they align with and can help advance it corporate social responsibility efforts. A genuine and relatable brand attracts companies, as they know what it is getting and can feel comfortable in its investment.


Not every company is the right fit for your client. Know what the company stands for and what sort of partnership would amplify its brand. You want to spend time with the organizations that best align with its mission and values.


It’s important to keep in mind the option to build custom packages tailored to a company. Personally working with an organization on this level shows that you understand what it can offer and how the two entities can benefit one another best.


Keep an open mind on how you can move forward together. Hard cash sponsors are important to funding the event as a whole, but in-kind sponsors can provide services or needs, which can help in balancing costs as well. You want to ensure a healthy mix of both when negotiating with companies.


Sponsors are crucial to creating a unique guest experience. Each sponsorship offers a different opportunity to work into the event and showcase those involved in the funding of operations whether that’s through provided services or cash donations.


Sponsorships can be key to your event’s success. They not only reduce expenses and increase donations, but they also allow organizations to focus more on raising funds for the cause at hand and provide an opportunity for a more long-term partnership. In order to maximize the potential of sponsorships, know who you are working with to ensure you make the right connections.


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