Philanthropy: Connecting Athletes & Companies


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Athletes who connect their personal brands to a well-known philanthropic cause can increase their likelihood of endorsement opportunities.

Companies are interested in partnering with athletes who are not only doing good within their communities but are also a direct reflection of their brands. Research shows that consumers, millennials in particular, show loyalty to brands that support their communities or causes they care about. Because of this, companies seek out celebrities who support causes they align with and can help advance their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Capture Sports Marketing has helped athletes connect with companies that have similar philanthropic interests. We partnered with Alyson Dudek, a 2014 U.S. Olympian, to help her develop a recognizable brand. She was saddened by the bullying epidemic she witnessed, and we helped her announce anti-bullying as her charitable platform and use her visibility to raise awareness of the issue. We launched her social media campaign during anti-bullying month. Given Aly’s success on the ice and increased media and social media exposure from the campaign, AT&T sought out a sponsorship with her and included her in a nationwide commercial.

Given the relationships we’ve developed with athletes over time, we’re able to understand our clients and initiate strategic campaigns that lead to successful partnerships between companies and athletes. The ultimate goal is to fund philanthropic efforts an athlete is passionate about while also helping boost company sales.



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