Disaster Relief Versus Disaster Philanthropy

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Now’s the time to focus on disaster philanthropy

The natural disasters in 2017 are nearly unprecedented. There were floods caused by cyclones and monsoons in Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, a disastrous mudslide in Sierra Leone, two tragic earthquakes in Mexico, devastation in the U.S. due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the wildfires continuing to burn across California. These disasters have changed hundreds of thousands of lives.

There has been a lot of focus on disaster relief, but in this “season of giving,” we should also focus efforts on supporting disaster philanthropy.

Disaster relief is responding to a catastrophic situation by providing immediate humanitarian aid to people and communities who recently suffered from disaster. These efforts save lives and are necessary to survive a natural disaster.

When disaster relief efforts slow down and halt and rebuilding starts, often the world moves on to other news. That’s when disaster philanthropy starts. With two of our Capture team members located in Houston we have seen firsthand the impact of the floods and so many that still need help.

We encourage you to do what many of our pro-athlete clients have done and what Capture is doing this season: donate money to one of the philanthropic efforts around the world still continuing to help rebuild people’s lives after a natural disaster altered it.

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