Success Built on Trust

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Whether or not you keep up with NBA basketball, most people know the name Kobe Bryant. Kobe played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers. His longevity with the team not only reflects his athletic ability, but his dedication to the team and community where he formed relationships with teammates, coaches, fans, reporters and sports photographer Andrew D. Bernstein.

Many people talk about players’ relationships with coaches or teammates, but not too often do you hear about players’ relationships with a photographer. While Andrew’s 30 years as a professional photographer showcase his talent, his success is built on trust and relationships. He attributes earning that trust and those relationships to being respectful, having integrity, delivering high-quality work and often being a fly on the wall.

“He’s one of the most influential people in the league because he’s giving you a real glimpse of what happens in the NBA and what a lot of NBA superstars go through to prepare for games,” Kobe Bryant said of Andrew in an interview with Laker’s Magazine. “It’s intimate moments that he collects. Other photographers just take photos. He takes moments.”

Because Kobe trusted Andrew, he was able to capture Kobe’s activities and emotions on and off the court. He lived those moments with Kobe to create a rich, personal and photographic biography of Kobe’s 20 year career with the Lakers.

Andrew has a story behind each publicly available photo of Kobe, and the ones he hasn’t yet released. When I talk with him and look at his work, I can see (and relate to) his natural passion for building genuine relationships with players, coaches and the front office staff in order to share stories through both pictures and words.

Working with Andrew is a natural fit for Capture. His philosophy for building relationships and trust is what our team is driven to do each and every day. We help pro-athletes and foundations uncover and tell stories that help bring their visions to life to help them make an impact in a way that’s relevant to their audiences.

Contact Audra Jacobs at Capture to schedule an interview with Andrew Bernstein to hear never-heard-before stories from pivotal moments in Kobe’s legendary career. He can also share photos that bring the stories to life. He’ll also have exclusive discussions with Kobe leading up to his jersey retirement ceremony, Dec. 18.


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Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE


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