Is Facebook Live Right for You?

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Facebook Live has been available to businesses for more than a year now. Is your business taking advantage of this fresh take on how to communicate with your audiences? It can be a little nerve-wracking to do a video that goes directly to your audience without the opportunity to edit it, but it may be just what your company needs. Here are three platform benefits and three tips to use it well so you can consider if you should integrate it into your strategy.

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With Facebook Live, audiences see a more genuine side of a company or individual. Sure, you should prepare, but it’s less scripted, giving it a more authentic feel, which can help audiences connect with you.


It gives companies a chance to be transparent and allows you to take audiences places they normally couldn’t go with you, showing a new side of your personality and what you do.


It invites open and uninhibited communication where you can directly respond to questions and comments as viewers watch. Also, it’s a great tool for daily updates as well as large announcements to reach audiences quickly and more directly.

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If you decide to add Facebook Live to your strategy, keep these quick tips in mind:

  1. Develop a channel and content strategy – for what situations would you use Facebook Live vs. another social media or traditional marketing tactic? What topics would be best to communicate using Facebook Live? When is your audience most likely on Facebook to see the live video?
  2. Be prepared with talking points
  3. Align the voice with your brand
  4. Respond to comments
  5. Look at the metrics – knowing how the video performed will help you consider if you want to do it again or how to improve it.

It’s incredible to think that Facebook Live’s popularity has grown over 300% since its rollout in August 2015. Allowing brand transparency and authenticity, the platform is redefining how businesses can communicate – for the better.

Want help integrating this strategy and executing it? Give us a call; we’d be happy to help!



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