Branding a Legacy




 This April, the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation decided to do a rebrand in conjunction with its national expansion and partnership with Capture Marketing. Considering that creating new looks for brands is my passion, I was really excited to breathe new life into a legacy.

After reviewing the current assets of the foundation, it was clear that we had an opportunity to create a more cohesive plan with brand standards that would touch all marketing efforts, including website, marketing materials and events. Additionally, the website was not mobile friendly, so designing a new site became a high priority item as well.

Our team quickly turned around a full plan so that we could launch by August 1, 2017. Here is what the plan and process entailed:


After meeting with foundation board members, we knew that they wanted a fresh, modern look with a hint of a classic/vintage feel, but that the rest was open to our interpretation… I always enjoy creative freedom.

VinceSilhouette_Black-01I started by doing some research on Vince Lombardi himself. I wanted the foundation to reflect him, who he was and why the foundation’s mission is so important. To carry out this plan, I started with his likeness. I thought that the logo itself should pay homage to the leader Lombardi was and will continue to be through this foundation. Putting Lombardi’s silhouette was first on my list in the logo design.

Next, we had to decide on a font family. A font family I really enjoy using right now is Montserrat. It’s is a very clean and unique sans serif font and I thought it fit perfectly with the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. The variety of weights and looks that come in this family make the brand very versatile. Once that font was selected, we decided it would be good to have a secondary font as well, to use for special events and campaigns. To compliment the clean, sans serif font, I wanted to find a bold serif. This led me to Rockwell; a great compliment to Montserrat and together, they balanced perfectly.


Next up was color selection and it was a fun adventure! Trying to make something modern and vintage at the same time can be a challenge, but in the end a perfect balance was found. I took the classic Acme Packers blue and yellow as the base colors of the brand. Not only are these the classic Green Bay Packer colors, but blue is also a representation of colon cancer awareness, which took the life of Lombardi in 1971. To compliment these base colors, we wanted to add some additional secondary colors to use throughout the branding. So we first decided on the green. This green is a match to the current Green Bay Packers, to make cross marketing and branding as clean as possible. The second and final secondary color we chose was burgundy. This color fit perfectly with classic Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation signature events like Food & Wine and complimented the vintage feel of the other colors.




From the beginning, we knew the website was going to be a big undertaking. There was so much history, imagery and information we wanted in one spot. But, we also wanted the site to be logical and comprehensive for the end user.

We began by having our Capture writing gurus begin to formulate the copy for the website, starting with the original text, cleaning it up and then adding new copy. From the new copy, we were able to develop a site map and navigation for the site. Once that was approved, the design process began.

To start, I had to pick a platform best suited for the website. Right now, there are SO many options for platforms, domain hosts, CMS, and the list goes on. Personally, I believe that the best in the market right now is Squarespace. It allows you to have everything together in this one platform and service. We are able to house our domains, email account and website all in one spot, making it easier to manage. With that decision made, website design and layout began.

A lot of late nights and love went into the design process for the new Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation website, as it was completed within 19 days. Considering the quick turnaround, every part of the design process was meticulously calculated.

Just like the logo design, we wanted this website to truly reflect who Vince Lombardi was and why he is still an influential and important leader today. When you open the site, his picture is fittingly, the hero image. His legacy, along with one of his most famous quotes and his signature stand strongly with it. I wanted this page to inspire like coach Lombardi inspired!

In addition to his famous image and legend, his words were another important piece of the site that we wanted to have carried throughout as a theme. So, when you click through the pages of the site, you’ll see relevant Lombardi quotes to their corresponding pages, tying his legacy and the mission of the foundation together.

Take a look at the website yourself! Click here



Our goal for social and all marketing materials was to ensure the brand consistency for everything the Vince Lombardi Foundation would touch. To make that a reality and to streamline marketing efforts, we mirrored the new branding of the website on the foundation’s social channels and throughout cross promotions with partners.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Social media is a large gateway to sharing the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation mission of winning the battle against cancer by funding advancements in cancer research and compassionate care. So, brand cohesiveness that ultimately elevates brand recognition is extremely important and I think we were able to achieve that.


With a brand new overall look and clear definition of the foundation through branding, the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation is set to gain more online traffic, attain greater brand awareness, gain new followers, increase ticket purchases for events and reach its target audiences with ease. All of these benefits will ultimately increase funding to fight cancer… Which is exactly what we all want!

Capture is really excited about the future of the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation. It’s been an amazing adventure working on this project with the foundation and one I am very proud to say I helped make a reality.


Is your company thinking about rebranding? It can seem like a huge and overwhelming undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want more information about our process, please contact us and our team will be happy to chat with you and walk you through some options!



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