Public Relations | Then & Now

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Public Relations is still relatively new to me. Four years of classes and internships may seem like a lot, but we all know that it’s a whole different experience once you are out in the “real world”. Teachers can only walk you through so many case studies and campaigns, but by the time you get a job in the industry, the rules have already changed.

Writing my first press release for a Capture client, I was shocked that practices I had just learned were basically “outdated”. The pound signs at the end of a press release, ya those aren’t a thing anymore. Turns out things go in and out of cycle quicker than they are being taught. Traditional press release formats are being traded for a more appealing and efficient digital layout, beefed up with links and compelling imagery.

Even with the changes, I have experienced some of PR’s consistencies as well. It is our job as PR professionals to know what aspects of the industry should always be a part of the work we do and what aspects have some flexibility. Understanding how the industry has changed helps us to distinguish that.

So what has changed?  Let’s take a quick look shall we…


Some of these changes were seen over a decade and others within the past year. Especially with technology evolving, you can expect to see a lot more changes in how communication is executed and how brand reputations are established. Public relations is one industry that we should expect to evolve as we do. But even with change, there are certain principles that practitioners should always keep in mind, because those are the aspects that make public relations a powerful force.



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