Top 3 Reasons to Consider Working with a Small Company

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When a person, organization or company is looking for representation, they are often faced with the decision of whether to go with the large company with a familiar name and logo or to sign on with a smaller company that is also successful, but may not be as recognized. Sometimes, smaller companies get overlooked in the decision-making process, but in doing so, the loss is actually the client’s. There are so many reasons to have a smaller company representing you or your organization; here are 3 key reasons why a smaller company should be strongly considered over a larger company.


Smaller companies practice what they preach when they say “Quality Over Quantity”; they tend to be intentional about who they work with so they can maintain their focus on the quality of work they provide. In today’s society, inundated with less face-to-face interaction and more electronic interaction, there is something to be said about a company that still offers that personal relationship and that truly cares about you and your brand. A company that will grow its current relationships to mutually benefit both entities and not hurry to provide services to anyone willing to sign up.



We all remember the 1996, blockbuster film, Jerry Maguire, when the lead character played by Tom Cruise wrote his mission statement (not a memo) entitled “The Things We Think And Do Not Say; The Future of Our Business”.  The statement was inspired by Jerry’s mentor, Dickie Fox, who said “The key to this business is personal relationships”. Here we are sitting in that future (21 years later) and this could not be truer. Small businesses have the ability to focus and excel in creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with their clients. It is important to know who you are working with, know who is representing you and your brand, and to create trust between the two. A client should never feel expendable; they should feel as though they are part of something special and that the team behind them has their best interest at heart at all times.



We all know the frustration that comes with automated menus when trying to reach a person by phone or, even better, when you call and tell the story of why you are calling only to get “I’m sorry, this is the answering service, but I can take a message and have a representative call you back”. When you are paying someone to represent you, this is unacceptable. Small businesses offer more of a direct connection. You should have a direct email address, a cell phone number, and you should not be afraid to reach out after hours if there is a need. Of course there are times your main representative may not be available, but a small business team will have you redirected to another team member, not a machine.


When looking into working with another businesses, do not pass over that small business too quickly. Ask yourself and your team if you prefer to get lost in a crowd of other clients or if you prefer quality work, more personal attention, and direct connection to those working with you and representing you and your brand. Do not allow you and your team to get caught up in the old cliché that ‘bigger is better’, because the truth is that, in business, bigger is NOT necessarily better.



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