The Ultimate Event Day Checklist

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As discussed last week, there are so many moving pieces when planning an event and it’s crucial to lay a solid foundation with pre-event preparation. Now that we’ve done that, event day stares us straight in the face! To continue simplifying all of these pieces, let’s break down event day.

Capture plans and helps to host the JJ Watt Charity Classic. For events of this magnitude, we know that event day is always going to be an ‘all hands on deck’ situation even before we arrive. Therefore, it’s important to arrive early with contracts and a list of contacts on hand so if issues come up, there are means to quickly handle them. And while the logistics are crucial on this day, your mind-set and willingness to adapt is just as important.


In the spirit of sharing the wealth, we put together this handy-dandy infographic to highlight what we think will help you best understand this part of the event planning process and also help you achieve your event goals.

The Ultimate Event Day Checklist Final

When executing an event, remember to stay on top of everything and most importantly, be prepared for whatever situation may arise. And finally, no matter what happens, always remember to smile because it fosters a positive atmosphere, making bumps in the day less stressful.

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Now that you know how to execute an event, you are ready for the final step – Post-Event. It will be our final topic in our infographic mini-series. Keep an eye out for it!



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