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Graphic design has come a long way from the early 90’s when the focus was on quantity, not quality. Websites were made with constant stimulation and movement, advertisements contained almost every color of the rainbow and patterns were king. Fast forward to today where the focus is on quality and simplicity. Take this example of tech giant, Apple:





Which homepage gives you the most information about Apple at first glance? I hope you said 2017! Apple’s homepage today gives you everything you need to know about them with a simple claim and a single image. Apple’s global brand recognition is a true testament that less can be more.

So why am I bugging you about all this? Well, I recently read an article titled “New Graphic Design Trends That Will Take Over 2017” and while I agree with the main points in this article, their title is misleading. The 8 design trends featured are not ‘new’. They’ve actually been used for quite some time and focus around one topic – simplicity. Now that I think about it, they are actually trends we have been using to capture success with our clients. Take a look!


YES! We can finally step away from the dark and muted colors. . Creating logos and adding a POP of color is one of my favorite parts about branding.

Last year, Capture itself went through a rebrand. We wanted to move away from our muted green and complicated font choice to something brighter and simpler.

CAPTURE’S LOGO 2011-2015:




Using bright and bold colors for your brand is a simple way to quickly tell your audience you are a professional company that knows the trends, has fun and will give you great results.


The heart of branding in today’s world is having a strong, consistent typeface. You want it to represent what your company is and the image you want to portray. You can tell a lot from a font choice. Below is a simple example. Which of these logos portrays a strong, dependable construction company?


Who would you trust to build your 70-floor skyscraper? Many times, brands overlook the importance of their font choice. A font, though, can speak volumes about you, your company and your brand.


I don’t know that I agree that this is necessarily a ‘trend’. Google Fonts serves more as a resource for the average person to have a plethora of font choices to utilize. This service is good for someone without a graphic design background. A website like, however, is a good resource for professionals or someone who is confident and comfortable in their ability to choose a font.


Photography is a huge part of every design trend right now. Going back to simplicity, interesting imagery with minimal text is what people love to see. With the attention span of our audience being 8 seconds, it’s important to catch their eye right away. Below is an example we’ve created using authentic photography and simplistic design.



This trend screams simplicity. Instead of filling everyone’s eyes with words, we are using icons and pictures to catch people’s attention. Certain icons have become so universal that almost everyone knows what they mean.



Minimalism literally is SIMPLICITY. (Starting to see how all of this ties together?) Below is a sampling of how we use minimalism in some of the Motivational Monday ads we’ve designed for our social media.

Einstein2 MLKDayQuote

Wake Up:Go to Bed


First things first, THE GREAT DEBATE. We need to tackle how to say GIF. GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format”. Since the ‘G’ stands for Graphics, the pronunciation is with a hard ‘G’. Think of it like a gift. A GIF is a gift (without the ‘t’). A lot of people like to think it is pronounced like “JIF”. This isn’t ‘jraphics’, is it?? Just my 2 cents.


GIFs are utilized to give information quickly about a topic while highlighting what is most important. We have been using GIFs for about a year as part of our client’s event social media plan. They are great to share information or just make your audience laugh.

output_kacmjg  benefits-of-funding



I have always been a fan of duotones. I think they are a fun way to add a pop of color while still giving the whole story of an image. They make your piece very unique, yet personalized to the brand or event in which they are being utilized. Below is a sampling of client work in which we have used duotones.

ClubFundraisingPost  Walk Up Vote


These are just my thoughts, but what are yours? Have you been utilizing these trends already for quite some time? Or, has this blog piece sparked an interest for you to make a change? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you! HAPPY DESIGNING!



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