The Remarkable Growth of the JJ Watt Charity Classic



JJ Watt & Chellee Siewert, 2016 JJ Watt Charity Classic

While what athletes do when playing their sport is certainly important, the impact they can have off the field is undeniable. Whether or not they choose to accept this responsibility, is a choice they must make, but we’ve seen first-hand that those who commit time to furthering important causes are clearly making the world a better place. Creating mutually beneficial relationships and sharing their stories in a powerful and purposeful way, is making a noticeable difference in the sports industry, the community and throughout the country.

One athlete, who has clearly accepted the responsibility to impact youth that we have the honor to work with is JJ Watt. This week he announced his 5th annual JJ Watt Charity Classic event which benefits the JJ Watt Foundation. We’ve been privileged to combine our passion and experience to work with the Foundation on the Charity Classic and other events over the past five years. The funds raised are building a legacy for the next generation in sports, as the mission of the JJ Watt Foundation is to provide uniforms and equipment for middle-school-aged athletic programs.


May 14, 2016; HOUSTON, TX -- JJ Watt Charity Classic Softball Game at Minute Maid Park
JJ Watt with Berry Children, 2016 JJ Watt Charity Classic

The JJ Watt Charity Classic has grown from a sold out (7,500) event held at Constellation Field raising over $320,000 in 2013, to over 30,000 people enjoying the game at Minute Maid Park and raising over $1.6 million last year. Being a part of the growth over the past five years has been absolutely remarkable. We are working hard and looking forward to this year’s Charity Classic on May 13!


The JJ Watt Foundation recently announced that it has funded over $2.7 million to more than 295 schools in 28 states across the country. It’s clear that JJ Watt transcends sports with the impact he is making in the lives of middle-school kids everywhere and it’s amazing to have helped make that possible.

Starting Capture Marketing in 2011, I knew that I wanted to create a niche within my business, combining my experience with sports marketing and my background and passion for nonprofits. What has developed from that niche has far exceeded any of my expectations and I am so excited for what is ahead!



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