My Cleats, My Cause: A Touchdown

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Looks like the NFL has embraced what we like to call the Doing Good is Good Business™ mentality! This weekend, over 500 NFL players used their platform as professional athletes to raise awareness about causes that are important to them by wearing custom-designed cleats to represent the causes.

Although I’m unsure why they chose the cleats as the customizable portion of a player’s uniform for this campaign, it’s very fitting. A cleat is defined as material on the sole of a shoe, designed to prevent the wearer from losing their footing. I tend to think that giving back does come from a heart place, or one’s soul, so to speak. And as a person reflects on what really matters, they are able to stay grounded, never losing their footing.


It’s all a part of the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats campaign. Players were able to showcase their cause further through features on The Players’ Tribune. Additionally and most important, players have the opportunity to raise funds for their cause by auctioning their cleats off.


This is a touchdown in my opinion. Here are several things the NFL and the participating athletes has going for them:

  • Effective PR – Each of the athletes has something positive featured about them off the field
  • Great Social – Highly effective and consistent use of a hashtag in their social – #mycausemycleats – players, league, charities all promoted it
  • Stellar Media Coverage – Campaign was covered during each tv broadcast nationally and in local media


I am hopeful that the NFL continues the program in years to come and that the players continue to use their platform for doing good throughout the year (not just during the season).


The impact they are making within one weekend is already amazing, imagine what can be done over many, many years!


Capture Marketing is a public relations and events agency experienced in developing creative solutions on behalf of corporations, foundations, professional athletes and other celebrities. We believe that Doing Good is Good Business™ (DGIGB) and partner with our clients to advance their cause marketing initiatives.



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