Top 3 Things to Consider When Planning an Amazing Event



Events are fun and exciting, but beyond the spectacular sport outing and sleek corporate gala, there is a person, or team of people, that has spent countless hours making these events look effortless.

How do event planners do it, you ask? According to our Marketing and Events Manager, Michelle Bell, here are the top three things that all event planners should consider when planning a successful and memorable event.




It’s absolutely vital to keep any and all details in mind when planning an event. Even the smallest of them can have great significance.

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“It’s the details that make an event memorable. Attendees are generally in a good mood and excited to be at an event. The goal is to do little things that make a big impact so that the event is personal, memorable, and shareable,” said Michelle. “Planning an event is essentially like starting with a blank canvas and everything and everyone that you see and experience at the event was discussed, planned, and executed.”


Beyond the functional details, there are personal details that are extremely important to plan around. Personal details that cater to the attendees and vendors go a long way.

“You want to make the attendees feel special. No matter the size of the event, you want to make them feel as though the event was planned with them specifically in mind. Whether they are an attendee, or sponsor, you want to make sure it’s a great experience for everyone,” said Michelle.




It’s every event planner’s dream for the event to go smoothly, but that isn’t always the case. The weather may rain out your parade (literally), people may cancel the day before or the day of the event, and supplies may not show up in the amount you had ordered. In any case, with event planning it is crucial to adapt to unexpected changes.


“You have to be flexible when planning events. Events are very fluid and can change up to the last minute. It’s not unusual for something to come up unexpectedly… You have to be able to adapt quickly,” said Michelle. “Having a backup plan and a team of individuals who can help you adjust to the new situation is key,” said Michelle.





Whether the event is a small nonprofit fundraiser or a large corporate gala, being smart with your budget can pay off in more ways than one. Finding creative ways to stay within your budget limit by flexing your networking skills is very valuable in event planning.

“The most successful event is a profitable event. There are new and innovative ideas coming out each and every day that have the ability to make your event memorable. That doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Keeping your budget in mind is absolutely key in being successful,” said Michelle.

If you see a great idea, take some time to research it. Are there other ways that you can achieve a similar result that is a little more cost effective? Will the item you are looking to spend money on enhance the guest experience? Will it generate revenue for the event? Will it create social engagement from the guests at the event? Could you have someone sponsor that particular event item or experience?


Planning an event can be stressful, but it’s also very rewarding. By focusing on the details, being flexible, and being savvy with your budget, you can plan and host an event that will have an impact on attendees that will last a lifetime.





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